(Artur Potosi)


(FILE PHOTO) Old school pals and Brewmeister Brewery owners Lewis Shand and John McKenzie (with beard), from Keith in Moray, with their new beer, the £50 per bottle ‘Snake Venom’, which at 67.5 % is the strongest in the world and comes with a warning. See SWNS story SWBEER; It’s official the world’s strongest beer is Scottish. Trading standards boffins have confirmed through lab tests that Moray brewery Brewmeister’s Snake Venom — at nearly 70% alcohol by volume (ABV) — is the world’s mightiest brew. The Keith-based company produced the tipple with 67.5% ABV, in an attempt to beat rivals such as Brewdog and the German microbrewery Schorschbrau (corr) to make a beer with the highest alcohol content. But the company faced a storm of criticism last month after it admitted that some of its batches of Armageddon — an early incarnation of its super-strong beer which it claimed was 65% ABV — only had 15.2%.