Of Lights and Shadows

When I was researching on photography blogs for our Palouse trip, one remark I constantly came across was that how rapid the light on the landscape changed. I’ve seen the effect light has on landscape, but yet was little prepared to witness it in action with such an enormity.

Up, in the sky puffy white clouds waltzed with constant winds, mirrored below on the landscape by a tango between lights and shadows. It was the later that I was after. Radpid changes in light made it a constant challenge to shoot, you had to sit tight with the composition expecting the light will show up where you wanted it to be. Sometimes it was spot on, somtimes the wait was fruitless.

This barn looking down from Steptoe Butte state park was one of our favorites due to the elegant composition it gave. The overlapping shades of green along with the fallow strips of farm lands gave the frame desirable colors and contrast along with some artistic structure.

I took most of the shots underexposed to bring out the tones from dappled lighting (something I learned by trial and error). Most of the shots were taken using a telephoto lens. Unfortunately my tripod did poorly in the heavy winds, so I was forced to shoot at high ISO and clean up the noise in LR. (Ok, I’m building a case for a heavier tripod)

We also managed to bookmark in my backcountry GPS a lot of the dirt roads we took into the hinterlands in search of rolling hills and abandoned barns and other funky stuff. Time permiting I will be posting the google maps link with locations in my flickr set for Palouse.

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