Awesome Icebergs


SVALBARD, NORWAY — UNDATED: Giant 150-foot tall Fuglefjorden glaciers in Svalbard, Norway.
CRASHING 160-feet into the ocean this melting glacier has to be one of the most impressive waterfalls on the planet. Tiny seagulls help show the scale of this mighty giant and other pictures showcase the icy world of the Arctic Circle in all its
From bizarrely-shaped icebergs and caves to fishermen’s trawlers dwarfed by the frozen seascape they must work in, Arctic images by Swedish photographer Hans Strand,57, really are poles apart. Hans covered over 1,000-miles of ocean around Svalbard
Norway on a small ship called the MS. Origo. He hired the ship especially for a photographic workshop he was delivering to his students. Other pictures were taken on expedition in Iceland and Greenland.
PHOTOGRAPH BY / Barcroft Media
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